Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is Entertainment?

If we call ourselves Christians - who receive, believe, obey and enjoy Christ Jesus -; what does entertainment look like to us? When the saints shall see Christ’s glory and exaltation in heaven, it will indeed possess their hearts with the greater admiration and adoring respect, but it will not awe them into any separation, but will serve only to heighten their surprise and joy, when they find Christ condescending to admit them to such intimate access, and so freely and fully communicating himself to them. So that if we choose Christ for our friend and portion, we shall hereafter be so received to him, that there shall be nothing to hinder the fullest enjoyment of him, to the satisfying the utmost cravings of our souls. We may take our full swing at gratifying our spiritual appetite after these holy pleasures. Christ will then say, as in Song 5:1 “Eat, O friends, drink, yea, drink abundantly O beloved.” And this shall be our entertainment to all eternity! There shall never be any end of this happiness, or anything to interrupt our enjoyment of it, or in the least to molest us in it! - Jonathan Edwards (1736), The Excellency of Christ Here only one person is made much of, is the very center of beings, is all satisfying - Christ. Let us choose Christ over - TV, video games, movies, internet, diet programs, games, music and everything else. I'm not saying we should put a stop to it all, but to align everything to its respective order. And, not put anything above our devotion to Jesus Christ.

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