Monday, October 03, 2005

"O LORD, why do you stand so far away? Why do you hide when I need you the most?" Psalm 10:1 As I was wondering and praying this prayer, crying out to my savior,I stumbled upon this... (read the blog) "As I see it, to know God I must use all that He has given me, “why have eyes that see/ And arms that reach/ Unless you’re meant to know /There’s something more.” One way I try to know the Lord is through study. With the help of the Holy Spirit why can’t I go beyond my limits and reach out for my Father all the more? Another way I see this search to seek out God is through the analogy of a father and his child. As a child is learning to walk the father kneels before his son and calls him to come. So at first, the child may take a step or two before landing safely into his father’s loving arms. But each time this exercise is repeated the father takes steps further back, thus forcing the boy to walk even more. Likewise, with the study of God, at first God is standing right before us. He calls to us to take those first baby steps towards His outstretched arms. Over time God takes some steps back, thus making us work harder to reach Him. At first it is scary. One wonders why he can’t feel the same closeness he once felt before. He is full of doubt. “Maybe God does not really love me?” Or worse, “Maybe God does not exist?!?” But we study a bit more, we search a bit more. And then we find His embrace all over again. This analogy reminds me of C. S. Lewis’ Aslan after his resurrection in THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. The great lion Aslan teasingly and playfully calls to the girls to follow him. What ends up happening is a rambunctious display of catch. The girls run to the great lion giggling all the way. Once they have their little hands in his thick warm coat, Aslan springs away once more for them to continue to seek him out. Likewise, God is involved in a similar dance with us. I feel that every time I grab hold of Him, He gingerly dances away and calling me to come after Him once more. I am filled with doubt at first but I am even more filled with desire to know Him all the more. So I study all the harder until I am once more within reach. I think this dance is His way of making us use all our faculties in seeking Him out. So why limit our study of God? Why not push ourselves further? Why not run to Him? The more we break our limits, the stronger our faith in Him will grown. The great we will know Him."

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