Friday, April 22, 2005

Where I grew up....

I found this cool website where they have archived and made available valuable ethnographic materials from the Himalayan region.
They have clips from the district where I grew up, Kaski district.
  • Everyday I woke up with these sounds coming from the hill tops. My town is surrounded by huge hills and on top these hills people have built huge monastries. (view)
  • My mom's group people. (view)
  • My mom's parents were farmers and this is how they prepared their fields. I lived with them for three years, first till third grade. (view) (view)
  • My mom now a days goes to Nagaland, North-East part of india, as there are lots of Nepalis. She visits the local christian comunities over there. These clips are from the 70s... all of Nagaland is not necessaraly like this right now but there are still pockets of them left. In high school I had friends from that region and we had dog meat. (view) (view)
  • This is how clothes are made and all those expensive carpets... (view)

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